Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Tercio is the most dangerous and venomous snake in the region. If you get bit by one and can’t get to the hospital in an efficient amount of time there is a high possibility that you will not make it. In all the time I’ve spent here I’ve never had a close encounter with one. Sure, pretty regularly you hear about people killing a tercio (fer de lance in English) but I’ve never encountered one myself…until this past weekend.

Alex, Ion (Alex’s sister Kattia’s son) and I went down to the waterfall this past Sunday and we were walking along when we noticed there was a weird patch of wind above us. Very strange because there wasn’t much wind and it was only in this one patch that we noticed it. So we all stopped to look up to see what it might be. It was then that Alex heard what he describes as the sound of a fish moving in water and looked down to see a huge tercio pelo moving off the side of the path about 2 feet from where we were standing. It was probably about 4-5 feet long and a little thinner than the width of my wrist. I thankfully only saw the tail of it when it was scurrying away but Ion and Alex both saw the whole thing and were completely scared. The weird thing is that venomous snakes normally attack and don’t normally run off like this one did. We attribute it to the fact that we stopped and maybe didn’t scare it. And we stopped because of the strange patch of wind. Who knows why that wind was there and what would have happened if we had scared it enough to strike at one of us…..

Oh life in the Jungle!!


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