Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Me working hard on the rebar cages to make the foundation for the library project! Look at that awesomeness!

Mango Harvest! These are just a few of the mangos we harvested from some of the trees around the property. Sole was very excited about all of them!

The Cork. This is where I am living. It is a timber frame, waddle and daub structure and it is beautiful! For those of you who don't know timber framing is a natural style of building that is built to take advantage of the strength of the wood it's self. There are no nails in this whole structure and technically it could be disassembled, although I think it might be kind of difficult! Waddle and daub is an earthen building technique using a mixture of clay, sand, straw and manure. It is then applied to a bamboo frame that is woven like a basket to makeup the back bone of the walls. Last year I helped to daub all these walls so it's really nice to see it up and running.

This is just one view of the house, its actually the room that I'm living in too. You'll notice a pirate flag...the explanation for that is that the house has a nautical theme and is based off of an interpretation of a song called The Starboard Cork.
This is Ion plucking feathers off of our first chicken dinner at the Ranch! I helped him when I was involved in my first ever chicken slaughter. I saw it all the way from the chicken coop to the dinner table! It was pretty awesome. It really makes you appreciate the animal and the food you eat when you see the whole process.
A view of one of the beautiful gardens at the Ranch, with a ray of sun peeking through!

Alex and I in our friday night best!

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  1. So nice to see your smiling face!! Also nice to see some of the projects, were you actually welding that rebar??
    Lots of love,