Thursday, June 24, 2010

La Biblioteca

We’ve broken ground finally on the Library project. There are 24 bases to be created and another 24 holes to be dug. I helped make the rebar cages, with much direction from Alex, called armadura in Spanish. By the end of the 24 cages I was a pro and was tying knots realll quickly. It was nice to actually be a part of the construction process. It’s a little hard to be involved since the skills are very specific and Tyler (the head carpenter) is on a really tight time schedule so he doesn’t have time to sit down and explain things to me. But I’m making myself get in there! Alex and Junior (his brother) joke that I should just bring them coffee and cookies every afternoon. So yes…this is a little offensive….but it’s actually something I totally would do and like to do! The other day I made fresh squeezed lemonade for Ty and Alex and they were very excited about it!

I’ve also completely taken over the accounts. I am keeping one in dollars and one in colones. The one in colones is a bit confusing because I’m working with such huge numbers like 1,234,550.00. That’s a lot of numbers!! We got a big shipment of gravel and cement and sand in the other day and I went and paid the guy. It was kind of exciting! He then asked if I was Robin’s sister (Robin and Timo own the ranch). But no, I told him, only a friend. Silly man! We look nothing alike!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


So....I had a bunch of lovely blogs prepared to upload for you all....but unfortunately my computer crashed. What a nice surprise! So now I have a new hard drive and am back up and running. I never thought this would be the case but this is probably the best place to have a computer crash! There are so many people with so many programs and different tastes in music that I already have a bunch of new music and the Microsoft Office Suite AND Photoshop! Que bueno! Me alegre. It was kinda exciting having to set up a new computer!

Anyway, things are going well here. We're about to break ground on the library project, we've gotten the full shipment of wood in and everything is set up and waiting for us to build! I will be taking over the accounting on Monday. It should be fun! The new group of interns just arrived yesterday and are starting orientation now. I will be helping train them as much as I can. I was named "head baker"--- thats a big role to fill!

Yesterday I planted a couple coconut trees, it felt fun and tropical! I've been helping out a lot in the gardens and reading and doing and reading and doing. I'm really enjoying getting a good feel for working in gardens.

The world cup started yesterday. I'm really glad I'm in a place where people are super into soccer its great! There is a guy at the ranch right now who is from Argentina so he's really into the cup now. We're actually really international at the ranch right now. We've got people from England, Scotland, Australia, Argentina, Canada and USA. And of course we're surrounded by Ticos (the Costa Rican people). It should be a fun 30 days of watching soccer! I'm pulling for Italy and either Spain or Chile in the finals!

My next post will include some photos I promise!! Hasta luego amigos!