Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday Funday!!!

Sunday Funday

Sundays here are the one full day of rest, but this day normally turns out to be one filled with soccer and cerveza. This Sunday we all loaded into a cattle truck to go to La Vasconia to play soccer, both the women and the men. The trip was about 45 minutes long, but it was full of events. The truck was uncovered but for some metal poles for a canvas to sit atop, not for 20 people to hang on to. Needless to say it did not stay secure throughout the whole trip. Every pothole we hit made the top a little bit looser until the final pothole we hit and it went flying forward and we were stuck in the ditch. Thankfully another truck was just passing as we got stuck so they pulled us out of the ditch and we ended up making it to the games unscathed. In combination with the soccer there was also a Cabalongata which basically is a horse parade. There were lots of stallions being shown for breeding purposes and a long parade of all the horses. The Costa Rican horse riding style is cool to see they ride high and tight with the horses necks really curved and upright, I guess it stems from a Spanish riding style. It was really cool to see and one of the girls here now is really into riding and was able to tell me a lot about what was going on.

The boys played two games and ended up losing each by one point, the first game they lost in a shoot out, kinda sad. Then we (las mujeres) played and ended up winning 5-2. I had an assist after a break away from half field. Alex’s sister Annia scored off of my pass, it was her first ever goal in a game. After that we hung out, ate some arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) and drank some Imperials (the beer of CR). In the middle of the boys second game it started pouring so we were nice and wet to return home, in an uncovered cow truck. It was a dark, wet and cold ride home. But it was fun! We all had to hang on to the people who were lucky enough to have a spot on the outside wall of the truck, so that it wasn’t human dominoes the whole ride! But I did get a chance to check the waterproofing on my camera and took a few shots on the cattle truck. Gotta love rural Costa Rica!! that I'm at the internet I realized I forgot to bring my camera. next time! I promise!

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