Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day in Lina’s Life at the Ranch

Here’s a sample day at the Ranch

5:30am: Go to the main house to make breakfast. Today we served poached eggs, fresh fruit, kefir and crepes (peanut butter banana, mango cream cheese, and bean filled).

7:30am: Meeting Time. This is when all the volunteers at the ranch meet and talk about what project are going on during the day and what specific things need to be done.

8:00am: Design menu for lunch and dinner for everyone at the Ranch.

8:30am: Goats! I go out to the “Goat Slope” as we call it to give the goats and chickens their second feeding of the day. This includes walking around the Ranch to find greens for our three goats. We have two babies named Agnes and Mabel and a one-year-old named Bonnie. I also give them some left over fruit rinds from breakfast. After their feeding I need to cleanout the goat house, which mainly just consists of sweeping, sometimes a bit more.
Then I make my way over to the crazy chickens. As of now we have about 35 chickens. By the time I come out they are going a bit crazy and I have to use diversion tactics to be able to step into the house without them pecking me to death! All the while avoiding the four ducks that hang out waiting for handfuls of chicken food when I come out of the house. I also have a constant reminder of the goats who start to bray as soon as I am out of sight. It’s a zoo out there!

10:00am: Out to the main garden! Today I took cuttings of Brazilian Spinach and sweet potato and transplanted a some older cuttings of the spinach. Then I organized the vivero (nursery) and did some piddling among the garden like weeding etc.

12:30: Lunch. Yummy…I then proceed to stuff myself like usual. ;-) Today Jorge, from the local chocolate farm, came selling chocolate. So of course I had to get my weekly chocolate fix. It’s delicious organic dark chocolate in many flavors!

1:30- 4:00pm: I helped a bit with baking and learned two types of stitches to make macramé bracelets, very cool! Then I made kimchi. Kimchi is similar to sauerkraut, it’s a fermented cabbage side dish with ginger, chili, onion, garlic and cilantro. It will take about a week for the entire process to finish.

4:00-6:45pm: Down Time. I worked more on my bracelet, read a little and eventually helped cut up the bagels for dinner. Oh, and I drank a beer!

6:45pm: Dinner

8:30pm: Bed, or at least thoughts of bed. I normally go to sleep by about 9:30 or 10. If I make it to ten it’s real late! Crazy times! Now don’t you all wanna come visit!?

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